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Our Strategy for the future

With the VISION to make life science matter and innovation happen, the cluster established a clear strategy to achieve its MISSION: become the leading European life science cluster, attracting global investment and talent.
BioRN is the innovation cluster of the Rhine-Main-Neckar region around Heidelberg, one of Germany’s strongest biotech hubs. An innovation cluster is more than a mere agglomeration of individual organizations. It is based on the constant interaction between academia, industry and government for the production, transfer and application of knowledge. 

BioRN establishes initiatives to bridge the regional innovation stakeholders and to nurture and extend connections between members. It also fosters connections to other regions of innovation worldwide and stands for the promotion and visibility of the Life Science Region at the national and international level. BioRN acts as a neutral player, supporting cross-organizational programs and initiatives that advance the life science region as a whole. At the interface between academia and industry, BioRN provides translation support, especially by leveraging the unique combination of global pharma and leading academic institutions in the region.

It now employs a clear strategy to maintain the current position and even further improve conditions by leveraging cluster-specific advantages as a basis for a future life science cluster of excellence.
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Recent advances in biotechnology and medical biology provide many novel, promising options for treating diseases. Bringing together academia and industry to address their respective challenges is an excellent opportunity to solve issues and move forward. The Rhine-Main-Neckar region around Heidelberg is very well suited to foster such connections. The region is an outstanding example of a biomedical cluster, and - because of the rich ecosystem covering the entire value creation chain and a dedicated cluster management - has seen a constant rise since the foundation of the BioRN Network more than 25 years ago.
To define goals for the development of the cluster and to outline a clear path towards achieving these goals, BioRN regularly analyzes the framework conditions of the life science industry in general and the cluster itself to update its strategy and activities. An existing strategy is continually challenged through a classical bottom-up approach, evaluating our stakeholders’ input throughout the year.

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