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The BioRN Espresso is the meeting place to meet, discuss and cooperate with peers.
It is a structured way to exchange on general operational topics of high relevance for SMEs.

The concept is to share hands-on experiences and solutions to common challenges

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SAMPLES and DATA to improve healthcare:

Value   Potential   Challenges

In hospitals and research institutes enormous amounts of data are generated on a daily basis, but we are far from using the full potential of this wealth. This holds true for research results but is even more pronounced when it comes to clinical data and samples. In a series of BioRN Espressos we want to explore this topic and discuss potential solutions which ultimately would be to the benefit of all patients. In this first episode, we are setting the stage by listening to different perspectives.


8 Dec @ 9 - 10.30 am

Is GDPR really the obstacle

for data exchange as commonly claimed?

with  Barbara Tomasi, Data Protection Officer, MyData-Trust
Melanie Börries, Institut für Med. Bioinformatik und Systemmedizin, University Hospital Freiburg

In this third episode of the Espresso series about usage and exchange of clinical data, we explore issues arising from complex data protection regulation. Is it really a crippling disadvantage as commonly claimed or rather an excuse for lack of action? We will shed light on this issue from different angles and try to outline a path for compliance in a smooth and fast way. 

Past BioRN Espresso:

April 2020 –  ‘Reacting to Covid-19 pandemic’: How emerging biotechs and small biopharmaceutical companies are dealing with it? Moderated by Volker Stadler, CEO - PEPperPRINT GmbH & BioRN Executive Board

​Impulse Talks from:

  • ​Claus Kremoser, CEO - Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG & BioRN Executive Board

  • Christoph Schröder, CEO - Sciomics GmbH

  • Oliver Bosnjak, CEO - Biomex GmbH

  • Andreas Kempff, Managing Director - Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Rhine-Neckar

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June 2020 –  ‘Business Development and Partnering: opportunities and challenges during pandemic times.’ Moderated by Jürgen Gamer, VP Business Development Apogenix AG & BioRN Strategic Board

Impulse Talks from:

  • Thomas Hegendoerfer, New Ventures Lead in Germany for J&J Innovation & BioRN Strategic Board

  • Frank Hensel, Investment Manager, High-Tech Gründerfonds

  • Rainer Wessel, Director Innovation Management, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) & BioRN Strategic Board

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September 2020 –  ‘Having difficulties getting access to your market?' Moderated by Susanne Kuhlendahl (marcommotion) Communication & Marketing Expert

Impulse Talks from:

  • Veronique Schwarz (faCellitate), Venture Team Leader

  • George Badescu (Heidelberg Pharma), Business Development

  • Fior Casilag (PEPperPRINT), Business Development

June 2021 –  ‘Digitalisation as innovation motor for small and medium-sized enterprises?' 

Impulse Talks from:

  • Katja Betts (PROGEN), Managing Director

  • Lisa Held (HWI pharma services GmbH), Expert Pharmacovigilance

  • Annette Deichmann (GeneWerk), Managing Director

September 2021 –  Home office, Office or both? The future of work is hybrid!'

Impulse Talks from:

  • Annette Sättele, Partner, Labour and Employment Law Specialist - RITTERSHAUS Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB

  • Katarina Bohm - Sales Manager Pharma Biotech - Promega GmbH

  • Susanne Huber - Human Resources Manager - Promega GmbH

February 2022 –  Access to patient data and samples: Different perspectives and main issues'

Impulse Talks from:

  • Peter Schirmacher - Director of the Institute of Pathology - Heidelberg University Hospital

  • Andreas Schmidt - CEO - Proteona

  • Philipp Mann - Senior Partnership Manager - Owkin

May 2022 - What is in it for me? Why engage in industry collaborations centered on clinical data.

Impulse Talks from:

  • Oyunaa von Stackelberg, Head of Research and Policy at Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology - University Hospital Heidelberg

  • Matthias P. A. Ebert, Director  II. Medizinische Klinik - University Clinic Mannheim