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We initiate and manage different programmes to support the development of (academic) research ideas through all necessary development stages, for therapeutics e.g. pre-clinical and clinical development, until commercialisation.  Our programs are selected based on specific regional needs.
  • Custom-fit search and care-free match to enable innovation. The BioRN Scout partnering programme joins major regional and European networks to effectively match health care innovation seekers with innovators.
  • BioRN Investment is a new working group, taking up impulses from the network and the BioRN Boards to revisit the topic of insufficient risk investment capital for life science start-ups after the seed phase.
  • BiointerRNational is a soft-landing platform for members to expand to foreign markets. Ongoing pilot phase.
  • The EIT Health Catapult is a training and competition programme to award the best business concepts from medtech, biotech, and digital health in EU. 
  • EIT Health BRIDGEHEAD enables mature foreign start-ups to expand their business into our regional / national market.
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