Translational Support

We provide translation support, especially by leveraging the unique combination of global pharma and leading academic institutions in the region
BioRN Scout: Tailored matching between global pharmaceutical companies and innovators (academia, SMEs, startups)
  • Custom fit connection: we provide tailored project and technology scouting
  • Critical mass: we source technologies from a large international network of innovators
  • Reach: we enable innovation pitches in front of high-level decision makers of global players Critical mass through HAE
HD Discovery.png
HeiDelberg Discovery: Looking for new ways to finance and drive early stage life science projects in the region
  • Committed translational funding and drug discovery expertise for novel life science technologies
  • Joint investment industry and academia supported by public funding
Learning from international models                         -Conception phase ongoing-
HD Incubator.png
HeiDelberg Incubator: working towards the establishment of a life science incubator in the region
  • Space and resources to nurture early stage projects
  • Cross fertilization among young entrepreneurs
  • Mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Investor ecosystem accompanying startups early on
  • Joint commitment of all stakeholders (industry, academia, public)
Learning from internationally successful incubator models       -Conception phase ongoing-
"Biolabs-Heidelberg-Projekt" - EY Deutscher Biotechnologie-Report 2020 >>