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New Therapeutic Modalities

in Personalised Medicine

Conference & Expo 

October 9 2024 

Heidelberg Congress Center

Goeppert-Mayer-Straße, 69115 Heidelberg ​


Dive into one of the most vibrating Life Science Ecosystems in Europe!

Be part of the BioRN Annual Conference (BAC) 2024 - where expertise from basic, applied and clinical research will be shared and new perspectives and visions will be introduced. Renowned speakers will present their latest results and are at the heart of the BAC. In addition young scientists will present their cutting edge research in the "Young Scientists Pitch Competition". The conference will be complemented by an exhibition area where companies and institutions present their latest technologies and products.

Thanks to groundbreaking technological advancements, radiopharmaceuticals and antibody drug conjugates have once more opened up remarkable capabilities towards clinical development. In addition, new insights in epigenetics, RNA biology, and molecular glues have unveiled avenues for other novel therapeutic modalities holding great promise for individual treatments. The BioRN Annual Conference will bring together expertise in basic, applied and clinical research in these fields, fostering new perspectives and visions for personalised medicine. 

Conference Program


Registration and Coffee reception



HeidelbergPharma_133_2_Hintergrund neu.jpg

Andreas Pahl, CEO Heidelberg Pharma

Heidelberg Pharma: ADCs with cutting-edge payload technologies

Christoph Antz_VERAXA.jpg

Christoph Antz,

Veraxa Biotech

The evolution of the "magic bullet" concept

10:20 -11:20

Coffee break, Expo & Networking

Nina Kreymborg - Headshot.jpg

Katharina Kreymborg,

SCP CSO Partner Team

​New therapeutic modalities to address unmet need. An early investors perspective


Georg Stoecklin

Mannheim Institute of Innate Immunscience (MI3) Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University

mRNA degradation as a regulatory principle and potential therapeutic target

12:20 - 14:00

Lunch, Expo & Networking


Ina Oehme,

Hopp Children’s Cancer Center Heidelberg (KiTZ); German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
Drug sensitivity profiling in the pediatric precision oncology program INFORM

Rastislav Horos, HBDx.png

Ratislav Horos

Hummingbird Diagnostics
Early lung cancer detection using RNA biomarker methylation

15:00 -15:20

Coffee break, Expo & Networking


Martina Benešová-Schäfer

Translational Radiotheranostics Group Leader


Next-generation Radiotheranostics in Modern Cancer Management



Heidelberg Epignostics GmbH

16:45 -18:00 

Happy Hour and Networking

Conference Tickets


BioRN Members receive a complimentary ticket upon pre-registration.


Ticket Price non-member:

Regular Ticket: 600, 00 EUR + 19% VAT

BioRN Annual Conference 2024 Exhibitors

Meet the companies dedicated to the Life Science Ecosystem Rhine-Neckar on the Expo floor


ABclonal is a dynamic and growing provider of biology research reagents and services. The company aims to provide professional, reliable and market-oriented high-quality products and services for basic research, transformation research, precision medicine and frontier field of biomedicine. Our main business includes scientific research antibodies, molecular enzyme products, NGS library preparation kits, active recombinant proteins, matched antibody pairs, ELISA kits and customized service.


ABclonal has a comprehensive prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein expression system, advanced mouse monoclonal antibody production system, and a fourth-generation rabbit monoclonal antibody technology. Our advanced technology allows the development of therapeutic antibodies and raw materials for diagnostic purposes. Our clients span across the globe, including internationally renowned corporations and universities.


ACROBiosystems is a cornerstone enterprise of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Their mission is to help overcome challenges with innovative tools and solutions from discovery to the clinic. They supply life science tools designed to be used in discovery research and scalable to the clinical phase and beyond. By consistently adapting to new regulatory challenges and guidelines, they deliver solutions, whether it comes through recombinant proteins, antibodies, assay kits, GMP-grade reagents, or custom services. They empower scientists and engineers dedicated towards innovation to simplify and accelerate the development of new, better, and more affordable medicine. 

ACROBiosystems way of addressing challenges in biologics development is to offer a comprehensive array of tools and solutions designed for each development phase. Starting from discovery and development and moving beyond commercialization, they strive to deliver high quality solutions that support each step of the development process. This means bringing together innovation and technology through product development and collaborations to help their customers achieve results that are translatable into the clinic and beyond.  


Aomics GmbH is spearheading a revolution in healthcare through cutting-edge immuno-oncology research. As a company centered on immuno-informatics and clinical data science, they offer extensive services in statistical consulting, statistical programming, and bioinformatics, specifically tailored for healthcare initiatives. Aomics' expertise is particularly concentrated in the domain of Immuno-Oncology research studies.


Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) bietet eine schnell einsetzbare, intuitive Cheminformatics-Software-Suite für Biologen und Chemiker in akademischen, biotechnologischen und pharmazeutischen Einrichtungen. Das Flaggschiff-Produkt, CDD Vault, ermöglicht es Forschern, biologische und chemische Daten zu organisieren und zu analysieren sowie über eine Web-Schnittstelle mit Partnern zusammenzuarbeiten. CDD Vault unterstützt Wissenschaftler dabei, Entitäten zu registrieren, Inventar zu verfolgen, Bioassay-Daten zu verwalten, Experimente zu erfassen, Struktur-Aktivitäts-Beziehungen (SAR) zu berechnen und ihre Daten nach Arzneimittelkandidaten zu durchsuchen. Es fungiert auch als elektronisches Laborbuch (ELN), um experimentelle Ergebnisse zu erfassen und zu teilen. CDD Vault zeichnet sich durch ein intuitives Design, überlegene Leistung und Arbeitsabläufe für sicheres, kollaboratives Daten-Sharing aus. CDD wurde 2004 gegründet und dient heute Tausenden von Forschern weltweit, die sich mit Arzneimittelentwicklung beschäftigen. Erfahren Sie mehr unter


Croda Pharma is a leading partner for the development of excipients and the supply of high purity materials for pharmaceutical formulations. The company is focused on empowering biologics drug delivery, through its adjuvant systems, small molecule, protein, and nucleic acid delivery platforms. With a wide range of solutions for both human and animal health markets, the pharmaceutical portfolio is unsurpassed in its excellence. Croda Pharma’s products, along with its in-house formulation and regulatory expertise, allows the company to meet its customers’ most demanding formulation needs. The company is committed to enabling the next generation of drug delivery systems.


Enamine has established a new site located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Enamine is a leading provider of high-quality products and services for Drug Discovery. Enamine Germany will expand Enamine's reach in Europe and provide local access to its renowned services. Enamine globally provides Screening Compounds, Building Blocks, and Fragments for supporting a wide range of research programs conducted by Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, Drug Discovery Centers, Academic Institutions, and other research organizations worldwide. At Enamine Germany we have an international team of scientists experienced in different chemical disciplines. We offer cutting-edge chemistry support to any life science-related projects including synthesis of sophisticated individual compounds and unchallenged parallel synthesis of small, focused libraries besides conventional wet chemistry. Our high-level scientists become your fully dedicated collaborators and sparring partners to tackle challenging projects. Our partnership offers direct interaction with our chemists, always securing the highest level of confidentiality. We offer FTE chemistry support, Custom Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry Support, including Hit-to-Lead, SAR, Route Scouting and much more to support each aspect of the early drug discovery process.


FGK, an owner-driven Clinical Research Organization, provides full service for clinical studies to biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

FGK has the right size to handle international multi-center studies with hundreds of patients or single country studies with a few patients, but is still small enough to guarantee a personal service to the sponsor. Founded in Munich in 2002, we now have 240 highly qualified medical, scientific and regulatory experts in the EU and the UK with all knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in Europe.

We can provide full service or only partial support from study start-up to final report (for a full list of services see


The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) is one of the world's leading cancer research centers, located in Heidelberg, Germany, with more than 3,000 employees. The center's research focuses on all aspects of cancer such as the biology of cancer cells, tumor immunology, cancer genetics, epigenetics, and cancer epidemiology.
The Innovation Management department is responsible for identifying, developing, and commercializing innovative technologies and products arising from this research. With the primary goal to bridge the gap between basic research and practical applications, the Innovation Management team works closely with scientists, clinicians, and industry partners to identify promising research results and develop them into market-ready solutions. This includes patenting, licensing, and spin-off creation, as well as establishing collaborations and partnerships to advance the translation of research findings into clinical practice. By doing so, DKFZ Innovation Management is continuously aiming to foster the development of new cancer therapies, diagnostic tools, and personalized medicine approaches that benefit patients and the medical community.


Gyros Protein Technologies provides enabling peptide synthesis and bioanalytical solutions helping scientists increase biomolecule performance and productivity in pre-clinical/clinical development and bioprocess applications. The automated Gyrolab® immunoassay platforms and expanding portfolio of kits are used by scientists in leading pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO/CMO companies in the development and manufacturing of biotherapies including cell and gene therapies. Gyrolab immunoassays provide key workflow advantages of speed, automation, and low sample and reagent usage with a wide dynamic range in applications including PK/PD, immunogenicity, titer determination, and analysis of bioprocess-related impurities. Gyros Protein Technologies is a division of Mesa Laboratories.


"Intavis Peptide Services has about 30 years of experience in peptide synthesis. As part of Intavis Instruments, initially, peptides were synthesized exclusively for the validation of analytical instruments. With the growing success of peptide drugs, Intavis also expanded and now offers custom peptide synthesis, peptide libraries, and peptide arrays for R&D. In addition, Intavis is currently establishing its GMP production and filling capacities and will offer an end-to-end solution for clinical trials from 2025: from the active pharmaceutical ingredient to the finished medical product.


To date, Intavis has contributed to many research projects and formed partnerships with global companies, with Intavis peptides being used in vaccine development and personalized cancer therapy, among other applications. Intavis combines practical experience, scientific expertise, and dedicated employees into a unique service offering. The experienced leadership team has decades of experience in biotechnology and biosciences, and the partner network supports with their knowledge and contacts. Through reliability, effectiveness, and customer orientation, Intavis has earned an excellent reputation in the field of custom peptide synthesis.

Kopie von Kyoobe.png

KyooBe Tech is a specialized technology developer focusing on the commercialization of innovative pharmaceutical production technologies. Founded in 2020 as a corporate start-up of the Bausch+Ströbel group, KyooBe Tech has grown to a team of 21 motivated engineers and biotechnologists. The main application areas of our technologies are pathogen inactivation and cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

INACTIVATE, our first product line entering the market in 2024, aims to inactivate pathogens with low-energy electron irradiation. The main applications are in vaccine production and for processes ranging from selective degradation to the complete inactivation of infectious pathogens. Other potential applications include virus depletion in process media and even cell therapeutics. Since 2022, KyooBe Tech has successfully been operating a test platform to optimize the process parameters for individual product irradiation applications.

MOSAIC is a modular manufacturing platform for personalized medicine. It´s a cube-based “matrix high rack” production system, each constructed as independent units. The vision is, to offer individual cell and gene therapy on an industrial scale.

Kopie von KnowledgeAgent.png

KnowledgeAgent is a leading specialist for market intelligence. Our areas of expertise include business research, strategic analysis & studies, data analytics and integrated market intelligence solutions. We utilize a broad range of primary and secondary sources to support our customers in all market intelligence-related questions.

Our offering covers the life sciences sector along the entire value chain – from (pre-)clinical development through product approval to the production and distribution of medications, medical devices or digital solutions. We primarily work with companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, CRO/CDMO, medical technology, and financial investors with a focus on life sciences.

KnowledgeAgent is a trusted partner of global strategy and management consultants, multinational corporations and mid-market companies. We have been supplying companies and organizations with bespoke intelligence solutions for over 20 years.

Kopie von Pepperprint.png

PEPperPRINT is the leading provider of high-density peptide microarrays and related antibody and protein services. From pre-designed off-the-shelf peptide microarrays, to customized contract research solutions, PEPperPRINT offers a wide range of products and services for a variety of research applications. Based on its proprietary laser-printing technology, PEPperPRINT can synthesize tens of thousands of peptides directly on the chip with a unique flexibility in terms of custom peptide content, a high spot density, and reduced material consumption. The product and service portfolio was recently complemented by T cell epitope mapping and monitoring, making PEPperPRINT a one-stop solution provider for the fingerprint analysis of immune responses e.g. for epitope mapping, antibody biomarker discovery or the analysis of adverse immune effects.

PEPperPRINT’s peptide microarrays and screening services have been used by researchers around the world with over 250 peer-reviewed publications.


With a portfolio of more than 4,000 products covering the fields of genomics, protein analysis and expression, cellular analysis, drug discovery and genetic identity, Promega is a global leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to life scientists in academic, industrial and government settings. Promega products are used by life scientists who are asking fundamental questions about biological processes as well as by scientists who are applying scientific knowledge to diagnose and treat diseases, discover new therapeutics, and use genetics and DNA testing for human identification. Since its founding in 1978, Promega has consistently integrated the values of corporate responsibility and sustainable business practices into all aspects of its corporate culture and activity. Promega realizes that its success depends upon the connections the company forges among its customers, community and employees.

Since 1997 and with about 100 employees, Promega GmbH, as a subsidiary of the Promega Corp. is responsible for the distribution of Promega products in Germany, Austria, Poland and Eastern Europe.


Founding is a great thing! Everyone improves our world a little bit in their own way. 
In doing so, you need full attention for your innovation. 

But especially during the growth phase, questions like the following often get in your way: 

What’s happening with my insurance when I’m self-employed?
Who can help with my questions all about social insurance?
What do I need to consider when hiring new employees? 
My employees demand benefits, but I have no budget for that, what should I do?

We have the right answer to all of these questions, of course tailored to your individual situation! 


TRANS DUODENAL CONCEPT developed and manufactures an endoscopic implant to simulate a bypass and to treat diabetes Typ 2, Obesity and fatty liver diseases. Conservative therapies (dietary advice, medication) have only a very limited effect on their own. In between, there is a large gap in care that could affect up to 1 billion people in the future, depending on the indication.

The transduodenal barrier (TD barrier) implements the principle of action of surgical bypass surgery with a reversible endoscopic procedure.  It is inserted into the gastric outlet and the upper small intestine as part of an outpatient gastroscopy with a "sleeping injection" and removed again after 6-12 months. The TD-Barrier is the patented property of TDC GmbH. In contrast to competitors (not yet available on the market), the balloon-reinforced implant combines the two main mechanisms of bariatric surgery (restriction and malabsorption) by endoscopic means, is therefore similarly effective but reversible and is characterized by unique, atraumatic fixation and high tolerability.


Value Data converts data into value - for companies and for society. Digital technologies create advances and integrate an understanding of data as part of every business strategy and processes. ValueData GmbH uses machine learning and deep learning of driven systems to integrate intelligence into customers´products and solutions under the aspects of modern software development methods and the continuous delivery concept as well a in the sense of social responsibility. 

Medical Brick is part of ValueData GmbH. With the help of the complete and in-depth analyses of microscopic images, Medical Brick would not only like to accelerate the diagnostic process, but also to support drug screening and drug discovery.

vector builder.png

VectorBuilder is a revolutionary platform that provides researchers with one-stop solutions for all their vector design, custom cloning and virus packaging needs. VectorBuilder also offers many other molecular biology services such as stable cell line generation, library construction, BAC modification (recombineering), mutagenesis, and more. The easy to use web-based platform,, serves as both a design tool and ordering portal, allowing researchers from around the globe to design and order construction of their custom vectors and viruses in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, our expansive database of components allows us to minimize gene synthesis thereby decreasing cost and turnaround time. The combination of VectorBuilder's intuitive interface, extensive experience and competitive prices has helped us become a favorite among academic and industry leaders with thousands of custom vectors and viruses already delivered. Remember, vectors are just complex reagents, so let VectorBuilder work on developing these while you focus on the more important downstream experiments, theory generation and data analysis steps.

Yumab BAC.png

YUMAB develops fully human antibodies from target to lead for clients and partners worldwide.
Its proprietary antibody platform covers all technologies from antibody discovery – using one of the world’s largest, natural human antibody library collection (>10e11) or customized, patient-derived or immune  libraries – to antibody engineering and lead optimization.
YUMAB antibodies contain natural, close to germ-line sequences promising low immunogenicity and toxicity. The advanced in vitro and on-cell selection technologies pre-design antibody properties, such as interspecies X-reactivity and developability, early in the development process and provide high success-rates to all types of antigens, including difficult targets like GPCRs or ion channels. Bioinformatic optimization and in vitro evolution technologies provide a direct path towards optimized lead candidates for all antibody drug formats such as full-length IgG, Fab, scFv, bispecifics, CARs, fusion proteins and ADCs.

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