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The BioRN Lounge is the monthly networking event for members of the BioRN Cluster. We welcome representatives from biotech and life science companies in the BioRN cluster as well as scientists from our research institutes. After a short update of BioRN Cluster activities and news, an invited speaker from the network presents and discusses with the participants, scientific trends, outbreaking techniques, outstanding research and more.

Do you want to be a speaker?

Contact us and share your idea!

When: Every last Tuesday of the month at 7 pm

Where: Urban Kitchen in Heidelberg

Upcoming BioRN Lounge:

June 25th,  7pm

"Model-Based Machine Learning in the Health and Life Sciences"

Jürgen Hesser

Mannheim Institute for Intelligent Systems in Medicine


Our Next BioRN Lounges:

  • 24 September 2024

  • 29 October 2024

  • 26 November 2024

Past BioRN Lounges:

May 2024, SPRIND, Tobias Dölle

April 2024, KIT, Andrew Cato and Christoph Grathwol

March 2024, Rittershaus, Tade Spranger

February 2024, Promega GmbH, Stephan Kirchmaier

January 2024, EMIL DKFZ, Jens Puschhof 

November 2023, BioMed X Institute, John Lindner 

October 2023, Ascendis Pharma A/S,  Andreas Philipp Boudier

June 2023, ZMBH and Max Plank Institute for Medical Research, Kerstin Göpfrich

May 2023, DKFZ and AI Health Innovation Cluster, Klaus A. Maier-Hein

April 2023, LONZA AG, Cristina Grigore

March 2023, National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT), Heidelberg University Clinic, Jessica Hassel

February 2023, CARMA FUND Management GmbH & Innovectis GmbH, Martin Raditsch

January 2023, Sciomics GmbH, Ronny Schmidt

November 2022, NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute in Reutlingen, Katja Schenke-Layland

October 2022, Heidelberg ImmunoTherapeutics, Michaela Arndt

July 2022, Tim Edwards, Entrepreneur and Advisor

June 2022, Testa Center, Jesper Hedberg and Dirk Voelkel, Cytiva

May 2022, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Rüdiger Rudolf

March 2022, University Clinic Heidelberg, Wolfgang Wick

February 2022, Euro-BioImaging @EMBL, Claudia Pfander

November 2021, Bayer AG, Holger Hess-Stumpp

October 2021, European Vaccine Initiative, Ole Olesen

July 2021, Evotec, Thomas Hanke & Friedrich Reinhard 

May 2021, High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), Fabian Mohr

April 2021, Heidelberg University and HITS, Vincent Heuveline

March 2021, SAP SE, Michael Byczkowski 

February 2021, German Cancer Research Center, Mathias Heikenwälder

January 2021, PAASP GmbH, Martin C. Michel

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