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Strengthening Germany as a location for innovation, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, securing EU

March 1st 2023:

Seven experts gave an assessment of the topic of funding, the business location Germany and future viability in the hearing of the Economic Committee of the Bundestag on the application of the Union parliamentary group "Strengthening Germany as a location for innovation, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, securing EU funds, joining IPCEI Health".

The speakers:

  • Prof. Dr. Berthold U. Wigger, Chair of Finance and Public Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,,

  • Dr. Viola Bronsema, Chief Managing Director at BIO Deutschland

  • Iris Plöger, Member of the Executive Board of the Federation of German Industry

  • Dr. Andreas Eckert,CEO at Eckert Venture Capital and Early-Stage Financing

  • Alexandra Krieger, Head of Division Controlling and Compliance at Mining, Chemical and Energy Industrial Union

  • Jörg Schaaber, Buko Pharma-Campaign „Gesundheit - global und gerecht“

Viola Bronsema was heard as an expert in the committee and comments on the concerns as follows: “The European Important Project of Common Interest Health, IPCEI Health for short, offers our companies the opportunity to receive special support or funding for their highly innovative approaches, which in short are not ready for the market, but face obstacles in the highly regulated German healthcare market. Therefore, we should join this project as soon as possible. In order to further strengthen the innovative biotechnology industry in Germany, we must also further improve growth financing, for example with the Biotech Future Fund as part of the future fund in addition to the DeepTech & Climate Fund. In addition, entrepreneurs have long been calling for a biotechnology agenda for Germany. This could be actively promoted by a German biotechnology council to be founded and make Germany the internationally leading biotechnology location.”


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