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DIVERSA reagents through BioCat GmbH: discount on all reagents for BioRN members only.

 *** special discount for BioRN members. Cannot be added to other discounts ***


Jump-start your business! Consulting & operational support in strategic management & marketing. Focus on positioning & market access, marketing routines, process & project management.

First 2-hrs consulting for free!


Expert consulting meeting (1 hour) on antibody discovery, development, engineering, and humanization for free.


10% off all products except ORCA Pallet, which is 5% off

  • monthly patent monitoring - 3 months for free

  • 25% discount for the first patent search (Novelty or Freedom to operate)

  • Free Seminar “Competitor and market analysis with patent searches”


•    free consultation for antibody optimization 
•    10% off for orders in TurboCHO platform for rAbs and protein expression
•    10% off to molecular biological service orders based on Crispr system 

  • Free consultation calls on service projects 

  • Free evaluation for drug discovery (small molecule and biologics) and material design software suites.

  • 25% discount for BioRN members on software

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