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Sanofi Biolabs Partnership

Sanofi is a global sponsor of BioLabs, a premier shared laboratory space for life science and biotech startups to test new ideas and innovate. Sanofi is sponsoring an inaugural global Golden Ticket Competition that will award three promising start-up companies a one-year pre-paid residence at one of the respective sponsored BioLabs sites:

  • Tufts Launchpad I Biolabs Boston

  • Hôtel Dieu | BioLabs Paris

  • BioLabs Heidelberg

Global Pitch Competition Focus Area In 2022 the main areas of interest that address therapeutic challenges in oncology, immunoinflamaation, neuroscience, rare disease & vaccines are:

  • Targeted or controlled delivery and conditional activation of biologics or genomic medicines to increase tissue specific exposure

  • New and next generation genome editing technologies with breakthrough potential for in vivo therapeutics

The winners of Sanofi’s inaugural global “Golden Ticket Competition” are awarded a one-year pre-paid residence at a sponsored Biolabs sites (Tufts Launchpad, Hôtel Dieu and Heidelberg).


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