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MetaSystems GmbH

Biotechnology / R&D Services


Diagnostic instrumentation

Since 1986, MetaSystems has been designing and manufacturing systems for automated microscopic imaging. Founded and managed by individuals with strong skills in biomedical imaging, MetaSystems is based on 30 years of experience in image analysis, automated microscopy, and hard- and software technology. MetaSystems takes pride in having established a widespread and innovative product portfolio. However, an integral and equally important outcome of the company's activities is the implementation of global business strategies with a human approach. This unique attitude, which may be referred to as the “MetaSystems Spirit,” has been instrumental in achieving the highest product quality and customer satisfaction. MetaSystems believes that a global company should foster a community of partners, users, and customers to achieve a climate of collaboration and friendship. Therefore, customer service, training of MetaSystems experts all over the world, and direct communication, are central parts of the MetaSystems philosophy. As a result of this attitude, the company’s partners throughout the world consider themselves members of the global MetaSystems family.

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