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"The Microbiome in Cancer and beyond”

Heidelberg, January 30th:

The first BioRN Lounge in the year 2024: A Captivating presentation by Jens Puschhoff,

Principal Investigator of the Epithelium Microenvironment Interaction Laboratory (EMIL) at DKFZ with following key-statements:

  • 1 in 8 colorectal cancer patients harbours a mutation that is most likely caused by metabolite a specific intestinal bacterium

  • organoids are excellent models to mimic the complexity of gut bacteria interaction

Jens opened his impulse with a nice anecdote : At the Lounge he met somebody from the Heikenwälder Lab and the result from a collaboration was just sent to Nature Magazine

Jens emphazised

" I can confirm that it is very valuable to come to this kind of event, from a scientific point of view"


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