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Proteona Appointed as a Certified Service Provider by 10x Genomics

Innovative AI-driven genomic and proteomic analysis platform for improving cell therapy and immuno-oncology

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Singapore, 06 August, 2020 - Proteona Pte. Ltd. today announced that it has become the first 10x Genomics Certified Service Provider in Singapore. The 10x Genomics Certified Service Provider Program is a global network of single cell analysis companies and laboratories who meet a high technical and service standard.

“Proteona is glad to be a 10x Genomics Certified Service Provider. We have worked closely with 10x Genomics over the past years, and we see a lot of synergy in our business activities and visions,” Said Dr. Andreas Schmidt, CEO of Proteona. “We look forward to more collaborations with 10x Genomics, especially in the use of single cell multi-omics to address clinical needs. Proteona will continue to deliver top quality single cell analysis services and bioinformatics support to our research, clinical, and pharma customers.”

“We are experiencing strong demand for our products in Asia,” said Brad Crutchfield, Chief Commercial Officer at 10x Genomics. ”We are pleased to be working with Proteona to support our efforts in the region as we bring more products to scientists and researchers for mastering biology.”

Proteona has been providing standard single cell analysis services through the 10x Genomics Chromium System. Their main expertise, however, is single cell multi-omics and bioinformatics analysis. Proteona holds the exclusive license to the ESCAPE™ (Enhanced Single Cell Analysis with Protein Expression) technology, which enables scientists to obtain both RNA and protein expression data from single cells. To help make sense of the massive amount of data, Proteona uses an artificial intelligence-assisted tool, MapCell™, to perform automated cell annotation and to discover hidden patterns in complex single cell data. Cell type annotation is a key step for single cell data interpretation. Currently, it is often performed manually, requiring hours of work per sample by a skilled scientist. MapCell cuts the time to under a minute, while removing human errors and improving consistency.

“At Proteona, our ultimate mission is to make a positive impact on clinical outcomes. We see tremendous value in single cell analysis by providing individualized, granular insight to guide the next generation of precision medicine. We need high quality analysis and advanced bioinformatics to make that happen,” Commented Schmidt. “Those are the goals that we would like to work on together with 10x Genomics.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Proteona has recently announced an international alliance with 10x Genomics, NovogeneAIT, Twist Biosciences, and multiple clinical partners in order to develop protective antibodies against coronaviruses.

Proteona will present its single cell multi-omics capabilities and MapCell bioinformatics tools in a webinar with 10x Genomics. The talk will cover the importance of proteogenomics in single cell analysis, and how MapCell automated cell annotation can improve data analysis quality and consistency. It will also address how to use single cell analysis to identify neutralizing antibodies against infectious diseases such as COVID-19. The webinar will be given by Dr. Schmidt and Proteona scientific co-founder Dr. Jonathan Scolnick. The webinar will be available on two different timings to accommodate a global audience:

Aug. 10, at 9 AM Pacific time | 6 PM CEST

Aug. 11, at 7 PM Pacific time | 10 AM Singapore time

Join us to find out more about the single cell multi-omics and the science behind Proteona.


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