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New Member: Welcome in our cluster to cAHRmeleon Bioscience

cAHRmeleon offers an AI-assisted and multi-omics-based discovery platform based on the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AHR), AI-AHR technology. This technology enables the identification of AHR-modulators and the analysis of AHR-mediated biological functions promoting tumor immune evasion across diverse cancer types and in response to cancer immunotherapies, which led to:

1. Identifying IL4I1 as a novel drug target that activates the AHR and leads to immune suppression.

2. Creating AHR-profiles of patient samples showing diverse survival outcomes to establish prognostic and predictive assays in cancer.

cAHRmeleons's strategy is to combine our AI- multi-omics excellence with experimental and clinical validation to identify new drug targets, accelerate cancer drug development, and develop companion diagnostics and prognostic tests.

We are looking forward to see your active participation in the network!

You can find here more information about cAHRmeleon Bioscience


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