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New lighthouse in the region enabling the transfer of early life science projects to application

Accelerate technology transfer: CARMA FUND I Completes First Closing of EUR 47 million.

Heidelberg, 24.06.2022: CARMA FUND has been launched this week by the initiators Ascenion GmbH and the Goethe-University Frankfurt together with its technology transfer company Innovectis GmbH, with the support of the European Investment Fund (EIF), Evotec and other investors. This is a new in-strument to enable translation of promising early-stage life-science projects in the region., BioRN sup-ported the establishment of the fund at early stages and Innovectis, as member of BioRN, could bene-fit of the strong network in the Rhein-Main-Neckar.

“Far too many projects in our industry are not realized due to a lack of venture capital. The establish-ment of the CARMA FUND is an example of how close and trustful cooperation of committed stake-holders can compensate this lack in Germany. We are pleased to have this new instrument in the re-gion to accelerate technology transfer in life science.”

CARMA FUND Press Release (in German) >>

2022-06-24_BioRN_Carma Fond_Technologietransfer beschleunigen
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