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AcademicLabs: Excellent comprehensive resource to find 80.000+ life science companies

AcademicLabs is BioRN’s partner and go-to scientific landscaping platform for finding experts, collaborators, and research innovations.

AcademicLabs has now become an excellent comprehensive resource to find 80.000+ life science companies too! Different from pipeline and funding databases, AcademicLabs primarily focuses on

(1) the science of such companies and

(2) covering early-stage startups you typically don't find in pipeline or funding databases.

With this new release, you can easily find and assess:

  • Young discovery, preclinical and clinical-stage biotech startups in specific regions

  • R&D activities, collaborations and trends of big pharma and biotechs

  • 2.500+ incubators to join or 2.500+ investors to acquire funding (filter by ticket size, stage, region, fund size, and more!)

  • Your competitive landscape, from new startups up to the largest pharma

  • New, Funded or Clinical Phase 1 startups to offer services or license technologies

  • Life science research at technology giants like Microsoft

  • CROs and CDMOs to outsource research

  • And much more!

Curious to learn how this may benefit you?

Have a quick peek here or schedule your personalized demo at


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