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ZentriForce Pharma Research GmbH

Biotechnology / R&D Services


Analytical services I CRO

ZentriForce Pharma is an analytical service provider that specializes in hydrodynamic techniques for biopharmaceutical development. The focus lies on gene therapy products and biosimilarity studies. We are passionate scientists and love exploring new and challenging fields.
ZentriForce Pharma only uses state-of-the-art analytical equipment. We are in close contact with the manufacturers to further improve the instruments and to not miss out on new developments. 
We work closely together with renowned experts in hydrodynamics, including Professor Stephen E. Harding from the NCMH Nottingham as scientific advisor and Professor Dr. Helmut Cölfen from the University of Konstanz as a close cooperation partner in ongoing scientific projects. Our dedication and involvement concerning advances in the technology and theory of our analytical services keeps us up-to-date with innovations and developments. 
ZentriForce offers experience in customer service and works according to strict and detailed quality guidelines. With an expertise that goes beyond routine tasks, and with a mindset that prioritizes meticulous, reliable and trustworthy work, we set out to establish new analytical approaches.

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