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Trans-Duodenal Concepts GmbH

Medical Technology


Endoscopic Implant

Trans-Duodenal Concepts GmbH developed and manufactures an endoscopic implant which can be used to treat Diabetes Type 2, obesity and fetty liver diseases. It covers the upper part of the small bowel and prevents resorption of carbohydrates and other nutrients in this area, flattens the Insulin serum concentration curve and contributes to an improvement of the diabetic metabolism. Furthermore it reduces obesity and fatty liver diseases (NASH).

To produce this endoscopic device, Trans-Duodenal Concepts GmbH uses special technologies like blow moulding of ultrathin polyurethane foils and others. The products base on unique patents which are approved globally. There in no comparable product on the market.

Trans-Duodenal Concepts GmbH combines clinical experience in surgery, endoscopy, intervention and obesity treatment with know how in plastic technologies, product development, regulatory and marketing.

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