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Tcelltech GmbH

Biotechnology - Therapeutics and Diagnostics


Cell Therapy

Tcelltech GmbH is a German clinical-stage, biotechnology company developing immunotherapies to cure cancer. The company was founded as a spin-off from DKFZ Heidelberg in 2022.

Tcelltech's lead product “UNIPACT” is a personalized T-cell therapy with large therapeutic potential against multiple cancers. Tcelltech’s UNIPACT leverages two technology platforms:

(I) The AI-based bioinformatics platform IMPACT that allows for rapid tumor reactive T-cell receptor identification (II) The novel non-viral gene delivery vector system “nanoSMAR”

Tcelltech is actively looking for partners who are interested in licensing the nanoSMAR gene delivery system.

Besides cell therapies, Tcelltech is also developing two cancer vaccines against brain cancer. The first one targeting IDH-1 has completed a Phase I clinical. The second targeting H3 has recently started a Phase I trial. Tcelltech is actively looking for partnerships to accelerate clinical development and ensure rapid commercialization of its vaccine candidates.

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