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PixelBiotech GmbH ​

Biotechnology / R&D Services



PixelBiotech GmbH innovates core technologies for targeted and imaging-based genetic testing. Ranging from single molecule FISH probe to AI-powered quantitation service, our products and services are encapsulated into a unified platform for customers in academic and clinics. HuluFISH is our proprietary product and is the industry's first true multiplex single molecule FISH (smFISH). As the first true multiplexing smFISH method, HuluFISH is our proprietary enzymatic labelling method enabling combinatorial color barcoding on every single probe. This cost-effective enzymatic labelling method combines with our advanced FISH probe design. As a result, your smFISH staining will be brighter and more affordable. 
The multiplexity power of HuluFISH is revolutionizing. It is the first time that smFISH probe can have tremendous multiplexity in single hybridization round. And the multiplexity is increasing exponentially  with the spectral separable fluorophores.

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