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Max Planck Institute for Medical Research

Research Institution


Research at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research has, ever since its founding in 1927 benefited from the work of notable scientists and excellent science on the border between physiology, physics, chemistry and biology.
The current central topic of research is to observe in real time and manipulate the complex dynamics of the interactions between macromolecules in the living cell, in health and disease. The four departments contribute their unique expertise in complementary areas: the determination of atomic structures (Ilme Schlichting), optical nanoscopy (Stefan W. Hell), design of new reporter molecules (Kai Johnsson) and cellular material research and biophysics (Joachim Spatz). This involves developing tools for biomedical research, which could lead to new knowledge, insights and medical advances.
The MPI for Medical Research is one of 84 institutes of the Max Planck Society and one of four institutes in Heidelberg.

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