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Gelita Medical GmbH

Medical Technology


GELITA MEDICAL GmbH is a medical device company, focused on R&D, manufacturing and commercializing a complete range of absorbable hemostats based on gelatin and oxidized cellulose. GELITA MEDICAL´s hemostats are available under the trademarks GELITA-SPON®, GELITA TUFT-IT®, GELITA® ENT and GELITA-CEL®. GELITA MEDICAL grows the value of its business by developing safe and effective products to meet surgeons' needs and improve patient care. The company’s strong innovation culture and the platform of its gelatin experiences over many years guarantee the success of GELITA MEDICAL’s brands. The company’s novel and patented products are the main drivers of the company’s market growth.
GELITA MEDICAL aims to be the global innovation leader in gelatin-based biocompatible medical devices.

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