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Celonic Deutschland GmbH & Co KG

Biotechnology / R&D Services


Celonic enables its biotech customers to deliver innovative biotherapeutics to patients. Celonic provides comprehensive GMP development and manufacturing services for New Biological Entities (NBEs) and Biosimilars, as well as Cell & Gene Therapy associated services worldwide. In everything Celonic does, it goes one step beyond expectations to help its customers exceed their goals, more efficiently and reliably. Their portfolio includes the development of cell lines, production processes, as well as non-GMP and GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceutical drug substances and drug product. To complement their services with cell line development, Celonic uses its CHOvolution™ cell line technology and the GEX® human cell line for your easy or difficult target. Being part of the JRS Pharma family, Celonic is a strong believer in creating win-win value propositions for their clients, mitigating risks by using mutually-beneficial business models. Celonic drives your breakthrough developments all the way to the patients and to market success.

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