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Our mission is to build ecosystems and dynamic communities where life science-focused entrepreneurs translate scientific discoveries into high-performing ventures.
BioLabs is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs


Johannes Fruehauf, MD PhD, LabCentral/BioLabs founder and CEO

The life-sciences start-up incubator BioLabs Heidelberg will be a generator for growth in the region. The first of its kind in Heidelberg as well as in the Rhine-Neckar-Region, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Europe. BioLabs Heidelberg will offer young entrepreneurs who want to turn their academic research into a product the infrastructure they need, providing them with   fully equipped   and managed lab space.
However, BioLabs Heidelberg is more than just a wet lease of lab space. With  its competitive approach where new resident startups are selected in a rigorous process and its subsequent fostering through intensive mentoring and direct industry connections, BioLabs Heidelberg will give its residents a distinctive advantage and allow them to fully focus on advancing their products and ideas.
Moreover, as a social hub for new entrepreneurs, BioLabs Heidelberg will also advance a start-up founding culture that will be a perfect match for Heidelberg’s and the entire region’s cluster of world-class life-science research.
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