The BioRN team will be working closely together with you, adapting all steps to your special needs and relieving you of the tedious aspects of your work – for a smooth and efficient  scouting process.
Julia Schaft - BioRN Scout Coordinator
Julia earned her PhD from the University of Giessen and EMBL in 2002 and continued her scientific research on the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells in an innovation and research-driven IVF clinic in Sydney. Julia then took over leadership responsibilities supervising embryo research licences. After joining BioRN as a project manager for international R&D and translational initiatives in the life sciences sector, she was instrumental in the conception of BioRN Scout and directed the piloting and validation phase. In her role as Managing Director Julia is now taking on BioRN strategic business development and partnering responsibilities.
Contact: js[at]biorn.org
Friedemann Loos - BioRN Scout Project Manager
Friedemann earned his PhD in 2015 from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. He followed up by conducting postdoctoral research in the lab of Guido Kroemer in Paris, working at the interface of immuno-oncology, metabolism and autophagy. Friedemann also worked for the European Commission where he was involved in FET-Open, a program to support potentially disruptive, novel technologies. In January 2019 Friedemann joined BioRN to support the translation of research from the BioRN network via BioRN Scout.
Contact: fl[at]biorn.org