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1.    We will aid you in developing a search profile, the most crucial document in the entire scouting process.
The search profile must contain sufficient detail for us to efficiently identify suitable projects. At the same time, it should leave room for some interpretation to not discourage innovators. This way highly innovative projects you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise might reach you. >>
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2.    Over one to twelve weeks we search our network and beyond.
Depending on your preferences and timelines, we search our network and beyond, using all our channels, in person and via our partners, to find projects that perfectly fit your needs. Projects are collected in the form of short proposals (see example here, final template will be developed together with you), containing all necessary information for you while not overwhelming innovators. >>
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3.   The main deliverable of our technology scouting is a long list of innovators and their projects.
This list contains all basic information allowing you to easily navigate and search the different proposals (see example here, final long list format will be developed together with you. >>
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4.    All projects on the long list are internally evaluated by your company for their fit and the best ones are retained on the short list.
How you want to make this selection is completely up to you and depends on the organization of and procedures in your company. However, we are happy to aid you in this step, as well. We take over communication both with rejected and with accepted proposals.
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5.    Shortlisted innovators are invited to present their projects during a partnering event to decision makers from your company.
The scope and exact arrangement of the partnering event is very flexible and ranges from a small, discrete discussion to large public networking event. Together with you we will organize this event and make it a smooth-running success.
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