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Source: BioRN
"HAEP did not only help us to identify new projects, it was also a very useful platform to further expand our contacts in the region around our German research site."
Joachim Vogt, Director Search and Evaluation Western Europe, AbbVie
"HAEP is a great program strengthening both the innovators in our region and global companies in need of external innovation. A perfect mix!"
Christian Tidona, Founder and Managing Director, BioMed X Innovation Center
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Source: M2OLIE
Source: BioRN
Source: BioRN
Source: BioRN
"The partnering event which was co-organized by Boehringer Ingelheim, BioRN and HAEP helped us to establish new networks in the region, an important first step towards future collaborations."
Bernd Nosse, Global Head BD&L Technologies, Boehringer Ingelheim
"Through HAEP and BioRN we were able to present our project to the right people - decision makers we wouldn't have had access
to otherwise."
Simon Widmaier, Chief Executive Officer, Aquarray
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