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Visiting BioRN and well informed: The green politician Norbert Knopf (MdL)

Norbert Knopf (MdL), Julia Schaft, BioRN, and Zora Brändle (Bureau of Dr. Susanne Aschhoff MdL) (v.l.n.r), credit:BioRN

Heidelberg, 22/11/16: Norbert Knopf, Member of the State Parliament visited BioRN together with Zora Brändle from the bureau of Dr. Susanne Aschhoff (MdL).

BioRN maintains a close exchange with regional politicians in order to inform about current trends and developments within the cluster.

The meeting started with a short introduction of the BioRN cluster including its tasks and goals. “In the Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar we have a very strong and innovative ecoystem. One of our projects is to actively shape the framework conditions that facilitate the translation of academia to the industry” pointed Julia Schaft out.

At the request of the Green politicians two topics were examined in more detail:

What makes permanent settlements and growth in the life science ecosystem possible?

We talked about the need for the expansion of lab spaces, the reduction of administrative costs for founders and deregulation. The government initiative for the reduction of bureaucracy deals with similar issues, so we will continue to intensify our efforts to get our voices heard.

Innovations and challenges around the collection and analysis of health data was another topic:

We introduced the Data Exchange Think Tank, which was formed in the BioRN network this year with the aim to develop concepts for simplifying the processes involved in the exchange of health data for research projects. The aim is to develop concepts with the participating research institutes that can be used in facilities with similar structures.

A very central and important topic that can significantly improve patient care in the future.

Media Contact:

Stephanie Füller

PR Manager

BioRN Network e.V.

P: 49 6221 4305-113


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