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Singleron Acquires Proteona

Singleron further extends reach outside China and strengthens its expertise in translational and clinical research

Nanjing, China; Cologne, Germany; and Singapore, March 07, 2022 - Singleron Biotechnologies, a leading Chinese genomics company that develops groundbreaking single-cell multi-omics platform technologies and promotes their clinical translations, today announced the acquisition of Proteona Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based precision medicine company offering single-cell biomarker discovery services to translational and clinical researchers across the globe. By acquiring Proteona’s existing network throughout greater Asia, Europe, the US and Canada, the acquisition strengthens Singleron’s position outside China and provides Singleron access to Proteona’s technologies for single-cell multi-omic analysis and expertise in generating insights for the Biopharmaceutical market.

Founded in 2017 by Jonathan Scolnick, Gene Yeo, and Shawn Hoon, Proteona specializes in combining single-cell proteogenomic analysis with machine learning methods to identify novel biomarkers and generate machine-learning based predictive models of disease severity and therapeutic response. To support these efforts Proteona has developed innovative methods for single-cell multi-omic analysis and data interpretation. These include tools such as MapCell™ for cell annotation and MapBatch™ for batch correction that have significant advantages over conventional single-cell based methods for data analysis. Proteona’s efforts in the translational research arena were recently highlighted in three presentations at the American Society for Hematology in December 2021.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Proteona since both companies are focused on bringing breakthrough single-cell technologies to the clinic”, said Dr. Nan Fang, CEO and Co-founder of Singleron. “Proteona’s expertise in generating clinically-relevant insights together with pharma partners and clinicians has enormous synergy with Singleron’s vision to advance precision medicine by combining single-cell multi-omics technologies and data science”.

“Singleron is a perfect home for Proteona” said Proteona CEO, Dr. Andreas Schmidt. “Singleron’s technology and resources will help us accelerate our shared vision for single-cell based precision medicine. We are particularly interested in exploring the unique advantages Singleron’s technology may offer for clinical research”.

About Singleron

Founded in 2018, Singleron develops and commercializes single-cell multi-omics products that can be used in both research and clinical settings. Its current product portfolio includes instruments, microfluidic devices, reagents, software analysis and database solutions that facilitate high-throughput single-cell analysis. The company currently has offices, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities in China, Germany, and the US. Its products are used in over 1,000 laboratories including hospitals, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies.

About Proteona

Proteona Pte. Ltd. is a biomedical company in Singapore, Germany, and the US that is pioneering the use of single cell proteogenomics to improve clinical outcomes in cancer. Using a combination of innovative single cell assays and AI-assisted bioinformatics, Proteona provides a comprehensive sample to answer service that enables users to phenotype cells using standard protein markers and gain a deeper understanding of cell activity based upon their gene expression profiles. Proteona is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).


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