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Research support along the investment cycle

Research support along the investment cycle

In times of rising inflation and interest rates, disturbed global supply chains and climate change, VC firms in particular will rethink their investment thesis and portfolio strategy. After ten years of growth, in 2022 the deal value of European VC firms dropped by 18% and the number of deals fell by 5% (Pitchbook 2022 Annual European Venture Report).

Compared to venture capital, the investment environment for private equity (PE) remains stable. PE firms increased annual deal value by 1% and the number of deals by 13% compared to 2021 (Pitchbook 2022 Annual European Private Equity Report).

Focus on value creation

Changing economic conditions will affect VC and PE investment behaviour. After high burn rates and aggressive growth targets, the investment focus of VC firms will shift to value creation through sustainable growth and more involved support of portfolio companies in order to achieve positive returns sooner.

As venture capital shifts to focus on creating value, associates and analysts need detailed market research to identify future markets and the most promising start-ups. Partner and principals uses market research to assess the business model of portfolio companies, determine their market potential or prepare a market entry.

Market research is a time-consuming task, however. With a limited time budget, investors must often decide whether to spend more time on analysis or research. Outsourcing market research can solve the conflict. KnowledgeAgent offers cost-effective and time-efficient support, allowing associates and analysts to focus their efforts on creating value with analysis using professionally sourced market data.

Tailor-made market knowledge

From ad hoc research for quick investment decisions to building a research ecosystem to monitor and analyse markets, sectors and companies, KnowledgeAgent's research services provide VC and PE firms with relevant market intelligence throughout the investment cycle.

Contact us to learn more about our expertise and to give your corporate strategy and investment analysts the insights and time to concentrate on analysis and decision-making.


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