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New Member: Welcome in our cluster to Valency Communication

Valency Communication was founded as a pure-play senior advisory firm to life science companies. Valency Communications strives to support the European biotechnology ecosystem. Valency applies a unique blend of expertise in science, life science journalism, IR & Corporate Communications to advise biopharma leadership teams of different shapes and sizes. They believe, while strategic communications can’t fix a piece of broken science, it will otherwise touch almost every aspect of the successful development of a biopharmaceutical company. Companies that  communicate well and attract communities that support them, will end up on a more attractive and faster trajectory from seed round to IPO, from preclinical trial to market approval, from three scientists and a rat in a lab to “Best Places to Work”. Valency enables companies to create and execute tailored communication strategies with the same level of professionalism, creativity, and  rigor they show in all other areas of their business.

We are looking forward to see your active participation in the network!

You can find here more information about Valency Communication.


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