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New Member: Welcome in our cluster to LBBW Venture Capital

We are happy to welcome in our LBBW Venture Capital, investing in innovative technology-driven companies in the fields of life sciences, digital transformation and fintech in the DACH region since 1998.

In life sciences & healthcare LBBW Venture Capital focus is on drug development, diagnostics, medtech, bioanalytics, and digital health.

LBBW VC financially supports companies during their growth stage with initial tickets from 0,5M€ to 3M€ and has sufficient capital for follow-on rounds.

Additionally, it provides founders experience and management skills and position themselves as a sustainable VC shareholder and intermediary between the start-up scene and the established medium-sized and large companies. Their portfolio companies gain unique access to the LBBW corporate network.

We are looking forward to see your active participation in the network!

You can find here more information about LBBW Venture Capital.


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