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New member: Welcome in our cluster to Efficient Robotics

We are happy to welcome in our cluster Efficient Robotics:

Founded in 2012, Efficient Robotics is evolving into a leading company for the development and commercialization of microfluidic systems for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industry.

The technology of Efficient Robotics GmbH enables the miniaturization of complex biological and chemical processes. With the unique and easy integration of a multitude of different sensors und actors into micro- structured capillary systems, it is possible to translate and implement almost any complex biochemical process into a fully automated microfluidic system.

The tremendous increase in system throughput while at the same time reducing the required quantities of reagents, increases efficiency for customers in a way that cannot be achieved with conventional process automation. With the Nano-Titer-Pipe (NTP) Screening Workstation Efficient Robotics offers a modular system for fully automated analysis and optimization of microbial strains, cell lines, enzymes, proteins and peptides. This system allows the screening of up to 10 million samples per day with a small footprint and easy handling.

We are looking forward to see your active participation in the network!

You can find here more information abut Efficient Robotics.


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