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To celebrate BioRN Life Science Cluster Rhine-Neckar’s 25 Anniversary, this blog is travelling through the major milestones in the recent history of the region and cluster growth. For many of the readers, this will be a journey through memories, but for others, maybe an inspiration for cooperation and growth.


BioRN Annual Conference.

We asked to some of our members "Why BioRN Annual Conference? What does this conference mean to you?"

Accordingly to Investopedia’s definition, networking is “the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting. Networking often begins with a single point of common ground.”

The definition of Networking is applying to BioRN Annual Conference as well. This conference is the meeting point for people with a common ground or special interest. Around a scientific actual trend, every year the conference host excellent speakers, talks and panels. The conference is source of top information and lively discussions, but at the same time the informal social setting gives room to networking. BioRN Annual Conference is Networking!

The first BioRN Annual Conference took place in 2009, in the form of a two-days Symposium on “Personalised Medicine”. At that time, BioRN just won the Leading-edge Cluster Competition with the aim to develop the region into one of the leading clusters in the field of Precision Medicine and Cancer in Europe (funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, from 2009-2014 more).

Due to the success of the format, BioRN Annual Conference was repeated in a smaller setting one year later, and again for the following years until it became a well-established event and “The” meeting point for BioRN Members every year.

By going through BioRN Annual Conference’s topics along the years, one can follow the biotech trends of the last decade (personalised medicine, molecular medicine, data, technologies, immunotherapy) and trace key factors towards success, like international cooperation, creating critical mass, working at interface between disciplines, etc.

More recently, BioRN Annual Conferences have been hosted by different members, providing the opportunity to invite the BioRN community “in house”. On the occasion of its 350th anniversary, Merck hosted the event in 2018, and together with BioRN and Ci3 (another leading-edge life science cluster) fostered knowledge exchange in cancer immunotherapy. Similarly, the German Cancer Research Center, Hochschule Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, AbbVie, and Roche opened their doors to the conference. Looking forward to see further companies or institutions doing the same!

This Year’s BioRN Annual Conference showcases novel therapeutical approaches developed in the cluster, and how Biotech is leading the way to the future in this field. For the first time, members will be able to join the conference on-site or remotely, and we will test whether this hybrid format will be the future for our event.

Mark your calendar: let’s catch up again on the 1st of October, at “The” Conference in the region!


BioRN Annual Conference Throwback


BioRN Annual Conference Video Resources


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