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Medical infrastructure in expansion: extension for the pharmacy of HD University Hospital

  • The usable space of the hospital pharmacy is expanded by 1,700 square meters

  • New clean room areas for sterile production and office space created

  • State invests around 25 million euros in the Heidelberg university medical campus

The State of Baden-Württemberg, represented by Marco Grübbel, Head of the Office of Assets and Construction Baden-Württemberg - Mannheim and Heidelberg Office (2nd from left), and Professor Kai Fischer, Head of the Department of Assets and Structural Engineering at the Ministry of Finance Baden-Württemberg (3rd from left), hands over the pharmacy extension to Heidelberg University Hospital (UKHD). Representatives of the City of Heidelberg, the UKHD, and the contractor: Professor Nicole Marmé, City Councilor in the Heidelberg City Council (center), Professor Ingo Autenrieth, Executive Medical Director and Chairman of the Board at the UKHD (3rd from right), Dr. Michael Ober, Pharmacist at the UKHD Pharmacy (2nd from right), Dr. Torsten Hoppe-Tichy, Head of the Pharmacy at the UKHD (right), and Mr. Petzold (left), Otto Life Science Engineering GmbH. Source: Heidelberg University Hospital

From special cancer drugs and adapted food for premature babies to sterile infusion solutions: Heidelberg University Hospital (UKHD) uses numerous products that are freshly manufactured or processed and whose handling in the UKHD's own pharmacy requires the utmost care and cleanliness. In addition to the specialist expertise of its employees, the hospital pharmacy also needs specialized usable space, so-called clean rooms, for this purpose. Medical and scientific advances in recent years have led to a steady increase in this space requirement. To ensure that the pharmacy at the UKHD can continue to take on all clinical-pharmaceutical tasks of the high-performance medical campus in Heidelberg, the state of Baden-Württemberg has invested 25 million euros in the pharmacy extension and has now officially handed over the building to the UKHD.


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