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Life Science Investors‘ Day: Where investors and Startups meet

With the goal to connect founders and investors from the life science industry, the “Life Science Investors’ Day (LSID)” had its premiere this week on Monday October 10th in Heidelberg.

Investors and Startups meeting at the Life Science Investors’ Day 2022 in Heidelberg. Credit: Tobias Dittmar

In order to transform good ideas into successful products and services and to close the gaps in the development chain between technology transfer and the financing of clinical trials, start-ups in the life sciences need an active network.

Credit: Tobias Dittmar

"We are delighted about the response and interest in the event," says Johannes Frühauf, founder and CEO of BioLabs. "This is the format that brings together the right actors, providing solutions to the health challenges, that our society is currently facing”.

Credit: Tobias Dittmar

Julia Schaft, Managing Director of BioRN, adds: “Through the participation of all network partners, the Life Science Investors’ Day is an effective and meaningful addition to the existing support tools in the regional ecosystem”.

The event has been a success and attracted over 100 participants, entrepreneurs and investors. It was jointly organized by BioLabs Heidelberg, the Heidelberg Startup Partners, the Life Science Accelerator Baden-Württemberg and BioRN.

2022-10-14_Life Scince Investors' Day_Pressemitteilung
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