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Illuminating protein complexes in cells

EMBL researchers recognised by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative with funding to improve how researchers visualise the inner workings of cells

The EMBL group leaders Julia Mahamid, Anna Kreshuk, and Jonas Ries. Credit: Jervis Thevathasan

Three EMBL group leaders are among the grantees recently selected by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), which has just funded 14 projects on the theme of Visual Proteomics. Julia Mahamid, Anna Kreshuk, and Jonas Ries will work together on a two-and-a-half-year technology project, in which they aim to help researchers obtain unprecedented views of the structure, quantity, distribution, and interactions of proteins in cells. This work is intended to further scientists’ understanding of cellular function in health and disease, potentially paving the way to more effective treatments.

The EMBL researchers will combine powerful microscopy technologies and artificial intelligence to image molecular machines – the smallest building blocks of life – inside cells.

This round of CZI funding provides a total of $28 million (€23 million) in grants to support technology developments that will allow researchers to see the inner workings of cells at near-atomic resolution through next-generation microscopy.


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