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iHealth Group and Datametrix launch partnership serving healthcare researchers

Together, iHealth & datametrix are well positioned as the "go-to partners" for Medical Affairs, Healthcare Market Access and Cinical Development to deliver real-world data/real world evidence projects.

The partners are leveraging their wealth of experience in data analytics and extensive access to Brazilian health data sources, as well as other global health data.

Together, iHealth and Datametrix will power Real World Evidence (RWE) research and bring insights on the realities of clinical practice and outcomes. They will enable Real World Data (RWD) research to investigate differential treatment outcomes in support of optimizing care protocols. This is acutely relevant for field-leading clinicians, hospital management and health policy makers. Following recent FDA guidance calls for more use of RWD to balance the need for randomized controlled studies, biopharma customers can leverage RWE to inform development strategies, help make development decisions and limit the number of costly, full-scale prospective randomized controlled clinical studies. RWE research can also be used to investigate actual patient pathways and give useful insights to determine better, more effective approaches to care.

The synergy that follows from the combination of iHealth’s local expertise and access to Brazilian Health Data and Datametrix’s analytical capabilities supports pharmaceutical companies in helping to understand the patient journey and meeting strategic development needs.

“We believe that data collected in an organized and simple manner, then analyzed using the right analytical tools will empower pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to bring better drugs to market faster,” says Ahmed El Rhali, CEO of Datametrix. “Together, Datametrix and iHealth can power Real World Evidence research and bring insights in the realities of clinical practice, which is acutely relevant for pharmaceutical industry, field-leading clinicians, hospital management, healthcare policy makers and, of course, patients.”

“Partnering with Datametrix represents a remarkable advance for iHealth in Brazil,”says Rafael de Morais, CTO of iHealth Group. “Now we can enhance the quality of our health reports by leveraging the enormous background in data analytics they have. We are enabling a new phase on how we can see information from data, and the ones who will benefit from it will be our customers.”


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