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Heidelberg "Young" Biotech turns forty

Caroline Odenwald, Head of Marketing at PROGEN talked with us about the dynamic development of one of the oldest German biotech companies.

In 1983 four scientists from the German Cancer Research Center and Heidelberg University founded PROGEN, to make reliable antibodies available to the scientific community.

The commitment in supporting scientists in making new discoveries remains PROGEN’s cornerstone, even 40 years after foundation.

PROGEN is made up of a team of experts within AAV and the life sciences and partners with gene therapy experts worldwide. PROGEN is not (only) a manufacturer of antibodies, proteins and ELISAs kits, but a partner for the scientific community. PROGEN keeps striving to understand what scientists need, in order to create solutions within the life sciences and specifically in gene therapy.

The ultimate goal is to support academia, biotech and pharma as a trusted and reliable partner.

Discover how they can support your research in the full interview on-demand.

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