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Heidelberg University: Outstanding Placings in Shanghai Subject Ranking

Clinical medicine again in 16th position internationally – medical technology ranks 17th worldwide

With clinical medicine and medical technology, Heidelberg University is one of the best representatives of the respective subject worldwide. In the 2021 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects clinical medicine again takes 16th place, while medical technology comes 17th. This means reaching the top position in Germany, also achieved by public health, a third discipline from the medical field. Public health ranks 49th on the international scale. Another excellently placed medical discipline in the Shanghai Subject Ranking is pharmacy, which has improved by nine places from 50th to 41th position, and from fourth to second place in Germany.

Physics at Heidelberg is among the 50 best representatives of this subject internationally, placed 43rd internationally and second in Germany. In the Life Sciences, human biological sciences have climbed to rank 49th – last year they were in the 51-to-75 group – and are likewise now among the Top 50 worldwide, corresponding to fifth position in Germany. Biotechnology, which comes under the Engineering subjects, ranks second in Germany and is in the 51-to-75 ranking group at the international level.

The Subject Ranking appeared in May 2021 and is part of the Academic Ranking of World Universities, also called the Shanghai Ranking. It covers a total of five academic areas to which the ranked subjects are assigned. The ranking is mainly based on publication data; furthermore, the prizes and awards won at a university are also taken into account for assessing most of the subjects. There are five indicators in all, weighted differently depending on the discipline. In the overall Shanghai Ranking published last year, Heidelberg University took third place in Germany, ranking 18th in Europe and 57th internationally.


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