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Growth and remarkable achievements for the cluster and its members!

Heidelberg, Germany 10.12.2020 – Yesterday members of the BioRN Network e.V. met virtually at the annual general assembly. As usual this was the occasion to summarise the major achievements in 2020 and jointly talk about new assignments for the Cluster Management.

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Gitte Neubauer (Chair of the Executive Board) and Julia Schaft (Managing Director) highlighted progress and accomplishments in the main scope of functions of BioRN.

In terms of promotion of the life science region, Julia Schaft provided a snapshot on the extensive press visibility that BioRN achieved, in the past few months. BioRN team highlighted the significant progress achieved in 2020 among the transfer and translational support projects, including the establishment of a start-up incubator in Heidelberg and the creation of new ways to finance and drive early stage drug discovery projects in the region.

“I am very proud of the progress we made in our translational projects this year as well as the increasing visibility of BioRN and the region in the press. Both are essential functions of our cluster management, and we aim to keep these activities growing in the next years. Look out for an even bolder and brighter 2021!” commented Julia during the assembly.

Despite this was a strange year with the pandemic rolling across the world, the cluster do not stop to grow, and has been enriched with 16 new members.

Regarding BioRN Boards, Magnus von Knebel-Doeberitz (Heidelberg University Hospital) has been re-elected for additional two years in the BioRN Executive Board. The Strategic Board can count now on two new members: Joachim Vogt (AbbVie) and Alexander Wartini (ScienceValue GmbH). Thomas Hegendoerfer (Johnson & Johnson Innovation) has been also confirmed for other two years. Julia Schaft presented to the members the Scientific Board, that has been freshly re-elected (see related Press Release).

The virtual format did not prevent members, boards and BioRN team to toast to a new fruitful year.

About BioRN

BioRN is the science and industry cluster of the Rhine-Main-Neckar region around Heidelberg, one of Germany’s strongest biotech hubs. It is a non-profit network fostering health innovations and serving its members by creating a rich translational ecosystem as well as promoting, representing and connecting the regional innovation stakeholders. Our vision is to develop the region into a world-leading life science cluster attracting international investments and top global talent.

BioRN has more than 100 institutional members, including the top academic and research institutions, 8 global pharmaceutical companies, a large range of small and medium-sized enterprises bolstering the life science ecosystem as well as local government organizations and interest groups.

Media Contacts

Dr. Annalisa Zuccotti

BioRN Cluster Management GmbH

Communication & Events Lead

P: 49 6221 4305-113


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