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Future Medicine Science Match 2022: The role of incubators and cluster management

November, 8th 2022: Julia Schaft joins the panel discussion together with Trine Bartholdy, BioInnovations Institute and Brigitte Drees, Pivot Park - hosted by Johannes Frühauf,

Biolabs Inc.

The Annual Future Medicine Science Match is hosted by Charite Hospital and the Berlin Institute of Health, and this year’s meeting is titled “Building and Ecosystem for innovation in the Life Sciences”.

Julia Schaft outlined the 5 Ingredients for a World-Leading Innovation Ecosystem - giving deep insights into the success story of the BioRN Cluster Management in the Rhein-Neckar region - by presenting

lighthouse projects such as Biolabs, beLAB2122, the BioRN Scout and BiointeRNational.

In the panel discussion the panelists discussed the following 3 questions

  1. Which role does life science incubators play?

  2. What makes a good incubation set-up?

  3. What can we do to translate more great science into actual solutions to the benefit of people and society?


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