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From single cell multi-omics to precision medicine with Singleron Biotechnologies.

Andreas Schmidt, Senior Vice President Global Business Development talked with BioRN about the one-stop-shop solution for single cell multi-omics sequencing at Singleron Biotechnologies.

While explaining how a typical collaboration with Singleron looks like, Andreas said: “Clinic, Pharma and Startups can jointly make things move fast and with impact. In this magic triangle it is possible to approach complex heterogenous diseases”.

With the aim to showcase BioRN companies, institutions, and players in the network, BioRN established a new event format: M2M – Member to Member. BioRN portraits its members, to understand their business and mission and present their value to the other members in the cluster.

Discover how single cell analysis might play a major role in the vision to make cancer a manageable disease in the full interview on demand.


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