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Discovering new talents with Innovative Recruiting Strategies

July 4th: The second edition of the BioRN Espresso focusing on HR strategies and tools has again met with a great response from the network.

5 speakers presented their solutions:

  • Matthias Ruhland, The metagame AI GmbH,

  • Johann Liebeton, ScieMatch @ bts Life-Science Studierendeninitiative e.V:

  • Luca Planert, CEO Career.bee

  • Naz Nakam, “Mehr an Möglichkeiten“ campaign MRN:

  • Flavia-Bianca Cristian, BioMed X Institute:

Lessons learned:

  • Show me what you play and I show you what drives you in the job

  • The "Generation Gamer" is not a niche any longer but is a huge source to identify hidden talents

  • The idea of dating apps works successful for students searching a job in the field of life science

  • Students are looking for solutions supporting them to find out what are their talents and which job is the right one for me

  • Reversing the traditional recruitment process is crucial – Just posting a job is not enough

  • This region is a great place to be, where you can make a difference

  • We have to give people from international backgrounds an emotional support so they they have a welcome feeling and can start well in their new position

  • Idealy using all the tools presented will help to optimize the recruiting strategy

Interested in discussing HR topics with likeminded people from the BioRN network?

Contact Stephanie Fueller



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