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Discovering innovations and initiating cooperation: Johnson & Johnson Innovation roadshow

  • The Johnson & Johnson Innovation roadshow stops at BioRN to leverage the existing potential of promising innovations

  • J&J Innovation and JLABS top leadership team presented their approaches accelerating early-stage innovation through strategic partnership

  • Success story of the BioMed X Institute demonstrated the great impact of the long-term collaboration

Credit BioRN: Julia Schaft, Managing Director at BioRN and Ruth Herzog,

Deputy Head of Innovation Management, Group Leader Marketing, Key Accounts

and Technical Contracts at DKFZ opening the Johnson & Johnson Innovation roadshow

Heidelberg, June 14th: Since its membership in the network, Johnson and Johnson has maintained close ties with BioRN Life Science Cluster Rhine-Neckar. The company is now intensifying the exchange: Johnson & Johnson Innovation (JJI) has organized an innovation roadshow, which is making stops in two top life sciences ecosystems in Germany: one of them is the BioRN Life Science Cluster Rhine-Neckar. The JJI Team met in-person with entrepreneurs, academics, tech transfer offices, and other leaders in life sciences innovation. The unique Johnson & Johnson Innovation external collaboration model ranging from incubation and custom R&D collaborations to company co-creation and investment together with several success stories were presented. This provided the audience with a deep understanding of the JJI approach.

“Excellent research requires excellent breeding ground on which it can develop its potential. With this roadshow, JJI gives new promising projects an opportunity for economic value creation - a great gain for our life science ecosystem”, says Julia Schaft, Managing Director at BioRN.

A successful collaboration within BioRN's excellent network is the one between Janssen (the pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson) with the BioMed X Institute, which started in 2016 and has since carried out numerous research projects. A particular beacon of collaboration is the T Cell Receptor Technology, led by John F. Lindner, Head of Immunology Discovery at BioMed X Institute, sharing his experience during the event.

The growth of the Life Science Ecosystem Rhine-Neckar is based on the combination of key ingredients that empowers it being the key driver for detecting, fostering and accelerating innovation towards the economic value chain: 1) superior innovation potential based on globally renowned research institutions, 2) a growing startup community to bring innovative ideas forward and 3) critical mass of global pharmaceutical companies operating research and development sites that further enable well anchored industry -academia cooperations. Several lighthouse projects have emerged in recent years that accelerate the transfer of innovations from academia to industry.

BioRN together with stakeholders from the ecosystem is joining forces to increase the visibility of life science start-ups and provide a platform for continuous exchange between investors and founders in order to identify opportunities early on and realize potential together.

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