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City Cycling 2021- Cycling for a better climate

Credit: RadKULTUR Baden-Württemberg

Protect the climate and do something for your health at the same time? You can do that by joining the STADTRADELN campaign.

For 21 days, teams are collecting as many biking kilometers as possible and setting an example for sustainable mobility. Not only the kilometers to the workplace can be collected, but also in everyday life - on the way to the grocery store, to the bakery or on the weekend. Take the chance to strengthen the team spirit with a joint action and register your team now.

The advantages of participating in STADTRADELN are obvious: With this campaign you actively support your health and fitness. After all, people who cycle to work generally arrive at work in a good mood and relaxed, and are more creative and productive. Those who discover in the course of the STADTRADELN that the way to work can be managed well by bicycle will also switch to cycling in the future.

By participating in STADTRADELN, you can actively protect the climate and benefit from the positive image of cycling. Join in and be a pioneer and role model for modern mobility!

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