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Biotechgate Digital Partnering – Free event to overcome lock-down

Zurich, – May, 2020 – Venture Valuation is organizing a virtual partnering event for biotech, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies from May 18 - 20. With the help of the matchmaking platform HelloPartnering other participants can be contacted and meetings arranged in advance. The basic participation is free of charge.

To support life sciences companies during the COVID-19 lock-down, Swiss based Venture Valuation together with 30 partners, has launched the Biotechgate Digital Partnering event for companies to participate for free. The 3-day virtual event will take place from May 18th to 20th. The focus of the event is to enabling continued business development with the help of the partnering software HelloPartnering. Participants can set their own timetable and availability across all time zones, choose the delegates they would like to virtually meet and use the provided video conference link to have digital one to one meetings from the (home) office. The initiative is globally supported by 30 biotech associations and economic development agencies. The following Biotechgate partners are offering the event to their members and clusters: AusBiotech, BaselArea.Swiss, BioDeutschland, Bio Alberta, California Life Science Association, Biocat, BioRN, Bio.NRW, BIOTECanada, Flanders.Bio, Business Region Göteborg, HollandBio, Invest in Skane, Life Science Zurich, BioHealth Maryland, Medicen Paris Region, Medicon Valley, Montreal Invivo, OBN, Sweden BIO, Swiss Biotech Association, Turku business region, The Life Science Cluster Norway. Furthermore, the event is supported by KPMG, nature’s Biopharm dealmakers, PolePharma and EuropaBio. Even though the initiative was only launched last week of April, there are already over 500 people registered from over 32 countries like Australia, China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, most European countries, Israel, Canada, US and Brazil. Its shows the truly global focus of the Biotechgate Digital Partnering event.

The type of the companies participating (44% Biotechs, 8% Medtech&Healthtech and 11% Pharma & Investors) illustrates the business development need of the life science companies despite the lock-down. Especially big pharma companies were fast to embrace the tool and sign up. The participants themselves are mainly Business Development executives (36%), CEO / Managing Directors (34%) or Clinical Development / R&D (8%).

Dr. Patrik Frei, CEO of Venture Valuation said: “We are excited to be able to provide our Biotechgate partners, their member and cluster companies as well as all life sciences companies a tool to keep the deal making going. It is not the same as face to face meetings, but it works remarkable efficient and allows an immediate follow-up.” More information and complementary registration can be found here:


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