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BioRN Lounge with Jessica Hassel (NCT): "Response and Resistance to Immunotherapy of Melanoma"

On February 28, BioRN Lounge hosted Jessica Hassel, dermato-oncologist at the University Hospital in Heidelberg and head of the Section of Dermato-Oncology of the Department of Dermatology at the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT).

Jessica Hassel is clinical scientists focusing on better understanding patients’ treatments. In the last years especially new immunotherapeutic treatment options with so called immune checkpoint blockers give new hope to be able to control the tumor long-term, especially in patients with a metastasized melanoma. However, only a portion of patients definitely profits from this treatment.

She presented recent studies for example on how melanoma patients with brain metastasis respond to immunotherapy and radiation, in relation to biomarkers predicting treatment response. The final intention is to overcoming the resistance and enhancing tumor response.

Probably it will be impossible to find the one key biomarker, but one can learn from them how the treatments work and why tumors are resistant.



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