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BioRN appoints new members for the Scientific Advisory Board

Heidelberg, Germany 13.10.2020 – BioRN is announcing today the renewing of BioRN Scientific Advisory Board. Since BioRN establishment, the Board is a crucial instrument in the network especially in advising the executive board in the selection and evaluation of scientific project ideas and start-ups concepts.

Prof. Mathias Hafner, Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences confirmed his commitment and remains the Chair of this board.

The board is benefitting from the addition of Prof. Adelheid Cerwenka (Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty Mannheim), Dr. Holger Hess-Stumpp (Bayer AG), Prof. Carsten Hopf (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences) and Dr. Magnus Walter (AbbVie).

A deep gratitude for offering their experience and time within the network, to Prof. Alfred Hahn (AbbVie), Prof. Klaus Heeg (Heidelberg University Hospital) and Dr. Thomas Pultar (BIOMEVA) -leaving the assignment.

Dr. Christof Antz (Velabs Therapeutics GmbH), Dr. Juergen Bauer (EMBLEM Technology Transfer GmbH) Dr. Gerard Drewes (Cellzome GmbH – a GSK company), Dr. Thomas Höger (Apogenix GmbH), Dr. Friedrich Rippmann (Merck Healthcare KGaA) and Prof. Andreas Trumpp (HI-STEM & DKFZ) renew their dedication and interest in remaining active member of the board.

“The BioRN Scientific Advisory board covers a range of outstanding scientific expertise in the field of the life sciences and is a key instrument in our network. We are delighted to welcome the new members and very thankful for the commitment shown by the whole committee” said Julia Schaft, managing director at BioRN.


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