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BioMed X Ukraine Refugee Funding Programm

BioMed X joins international efforts to offer a new scientific home to Ukraine refugee scientists

BioMed X and some of its partners offer Ukrainian doctoral students and master-level researchers in the life sciences the opportunity to continue their work in a research group at the BioMed X Institute in Heidelberg, Germany

Russia’s Ukraine Attack and the Impact on Science Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine started on February 24, scientists face unbelievable challenges in continuing their work. While some scientists and students are still in Ukraine, many of them are among the more than 5 million refugees who left the country. Scientists and institutions around the world have responded by offering work to displaced scientists from Ukraine. The BioMed X Institute and some of its partners have decided to join this international effort to help the Ukrainian scientific community.

“The situation in Ukraine is a tragedy which requires a joint effort to offer support and help. The BioMed X Institute is a place where early-career scientists are given the opportunity to develop themselves. Together with some of our partners we launched this funding program because we sincerely hope to provide a scientific home for some of the researchers who cannot continue their career in Ukraine." Thomas Rückle Senior Vice President and Head of Research at the BioMed X Institute


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