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Battle for talents: Boost your HR strategy with perfect match and positive psychology

March, 14th. The new BioRN Espresso series kicked off with the topic: "Battle for talents – boost your recruiting strategy with perfect match and positive psychology".

The panellists Thomas Winter, Genius Search Heidelberg and Linda Kirchner, YUMAB GmbH gave insights and discussed with the audience about the do´s and don´ts to attract candidates despite the tense situation on the job market.

Some lessons learned:

  • Show yourself as company – be visible – be where the candidate already is

  • Be transparent – be trustful – keep promises

  • Part time is the new full time

As there is no patent recipe for a successful recruiting strategy, many aspects must be considered in order to be successful.

The BioRN Espresso fostered the discussion with experienced peers sharing their expertise as well as best practices. The freshly finished image video presented by YUMAB GmbH was an inspiring example for successful employer branding.

Not to forget Thomas Winter´s ideas about how to adapt to the perspective of the candidates in order to be successful in recruiting.

Some of the lessons learned the attendees highlighted:

  • Focus more on the family situation of candidates

  • build and maintain friendly culture

  • write job descriptions more carefully

Next event on the topic will be on July 4th and focus on the available tools in HR strategies:

"How can digital tools support the recruiting process? Which instruments help making a company more visible?"

The agenda as well as registration will be soon on our website.


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