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Award for ScieMatch platform - company matchmaking

Which employer fits your life? Find your dream job - that's how the ScieMatch project, a company matching platform developed by the btS - Life Sciences Studierendeninitiative e.V., a nationwide student initiative, advertises. Awarded by the Stifterverband as Hochschulperle des Jahres 2021.

The winning project ScieMatch supports Life Science students and PhD candidates in career orientation. Image: btS - Life Sciences Studierendeninitiative e.V.

ScieMatch platform for career planning orientation

Especially in the field of life sciences, there are many students for whom the question arises sooner or later during the course of their studies: Which professions and which companies actually suit me based on my later academic degree and my skills? The ScieMatch platform brings students from this field together with companies that have registered on ScieMatch. The students also have to register and answer the matching questions.

Here, for example, questions are asked about the team of choice: should it be more internationally oriented or more national, in line with one's own language and culture? Or the interested parties are asked to indicate in which area they are particularly good, whether as an idea generator, communicator, doer or also questioner. The next question is about the optimal working environment, whether open space or home-based. Questions about teamwork and the compatibility of family and career are also asked. Personal specialization is dealt with in greater depth. And one of the last questions deals with location, that you can set a radius around your favorite city.

Based on this input, ScieMatch then makes suggestions as to which of the partner companies might be a good fit for the student based on corporate culture, job description or other factors such as location.

The btS - Life Sciences Studierendeninitiative e.V. is active at 27 university locations in Germany. Thus, it is able to work on the topics at hand in a professional and efficient manner, distributed throughout Germany. Each branch is assigned to a federal board and a management. Participation takes place on a purely voluntary basis.

"The company matching platform ScieMatch of btS - Life Sciences Studierendeninitiative shows in an exemplary way how very practical challenges of everyday study can be tackled with the help of digital technologies...We were particularly impressed by the holistic approach with which the association supports students in the demanding professional finding phase."

- Jury of the Stifterverband on the decision at that time for the Hochschulperle Oktober 2021 to the btS - Life Sicence Studierendeninitiative e.V..

The project was able to win 37 percent of the 4,994 votes cast in a 24-hour public vote via SMS and thus receives the prize money of 3,000 euros. Second place goes to the project (36 percent). Third place goes to Digitale Studienhelfer (9 percent). The twelve Hochschulperlen des Monats on the topic of transitions in times of pandemic, which the Stifterverband awarded last year, were up for election.

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